How to Dating a Girl With HIV

The human immunodeficiency viruses are two species of Lentivirus that causes HIV infection. HIV is a virus that damages the immune system. This causes many infecti0ons and viruses. HIV Dating is not a common term used in the day to day life. It is different from how you mainly date people. Therefore, here are some simple steps which would help you in dating someone who has HIV.

People with HIV think that it is difficult to consider dating since they feel less attractive or less engaging than normal people. It is imperative to recollect the thought that there is significantly more to you than your HIV. Your HIV status should be not an impression towards low self-esteem; do whatever it takes not to give it a chance to influence your norms. You don’t need to “settle” for being separated from everyone else or being with an individual who isn’t right for you since you are living with HIV.

girl with hiv

To start off with, you should tell the other person about your illness. There is not certain way to tell someone about HIV. You should not beat around the bush. You should just tell the other person about it with love and be smooth about it. The time if disclosure does not depend, if a person can accept your status he will stay or else he will go, but it must be before sex.
This brings me to the fact that if you are looking for potential patterners who would accept the illness there are a number of online sites which help people in dating. It is similar to what the regular online dating is you sign up and wait for a match.

You should always have a safe sex. Rehearsing more secure sex includes comprehending what organic liquids can spread explicitly transmitted diseases, what sexual exercises are unsafe for every individual, and how you can make the intercourse less dangerous. Using condom is a way of having safer sex. There are two types of condoms. Male and female condoms, the former made from rubber or latex and the latter is made of polyurethane or polyisoprene. Female condoms only prevent pregnancy. It is the male condom which prevents from transmission of HIV. So, you should always use 3 layered latex condoms. Furthermore, using drugs to prevent transmission of HIV is also very necessary.

Getting advice from those who are already in HIV Dating is really important as they can help you with giving you real life advices and by sharing experiences. You can ask about how to discuss this with your partner and the measures to take.

Be set up for dismissal. Remember that dating is a procedure of finding the correct individual for you. Regardless of whether you are living with HIV, dating quite often incorporates some dismissal and nearly everybody keeps running for trying to find that extraordinary individual!

Do not get dishearten when you face rejection. They probably never deserved you. Keep your hopes high and you will find someone

Would You Date Someone With HIV?

HIV is a virus that is spread among bodily fluids, especially during sex. A lot of rumors and fear has been generated about HIV since it was discovered. People have become far more accepting of those who have HIV. At the same time, many are still unsure if they would date someone with HIV. So should you?

We don’t pick and choose who we fall in love with and if you happen to fall in love with someone who has HIV, that is just fine. HIV by itself is not a reason to break up with someone. Especially if you really like them. Yes, HIV is a virus. But that doesn’t mean it is a reason to tear both yourself and the partner apart.
At the same time, it may be a shock to learn that someone you like has HIV. It is important that you talk about your partner’s status and you do your best to learn all you can about it. If you don’t learn about HIV it can be dangerous, being informed will help you to protect yourself and your health.

The first thing that you need to do is learn to protect yourself. HIV is spread through sexual contact and wearing condoms is a must. Being careful around blood and other bodily fluids is also important.

Someone who is open and forward about their HIV is likely a partner that you can trust. They know what is important and despite the fact that they might be uncomfortable talking about their status, they do anyways. You don’t want to have someone tell you that they are HIV positive a year into the relationship or after the first time you have had sex. This can be dangerous and it also shows that they don’t trust you.

That is all assuming that you are already dating the person who has HIV. If you are looking at people to date, it comes down to how you personally feel about dating someone with HIV. Dating someone with HIV means that you constantly need to protect yourself when having sexual contact and does mean that your partner has a fair chance of potential health problems.

In many cases it is best to look at each person on a case by case basis. There are some people who receive treatment for their HIV and can live normal lives. As long as they are on the right medication the risk of spreading HIV via sex is very low, meaning that sex with a condom is far safer than most people think.

You would be surprised by how many people in today’s world are happy to date someone with HIV. HIV isn’t a death sentence and people are starting to know that. This is especially true since there is far more HIV and other STD education out there.

Before deciding for yourself, we highly recommend that you take the time to research HIV a little. That way you can make an informed decision, just like many other people around the world. You can find a large variety of reliable resources on all STDs on the internet.

Dating someone with HIV is not much different than dating someone without HIV. You just have to be more cautious and be informed. Other than that, you can have loving relationships with people who have HIV and even at times completely forget that your partner has HIV. So why shouldn’t you give them a try? You never know when you might find the love of your life and what they might have.

If Your Girlfriend Has HIV, What Should You Do?

If you have HIV then you should know that it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find someone who loves you. The World Health Organization estimates that up to half of all people diagnosed with HIV manage to maintain healthy and loving relationships with HIV-negative partners. If you find out your girlfriend has HIV, here are some things you should know – and some ways to protect yourself.

How is HIV Transmitted?

One reason there is so much stigma around HIV is that people misunderstand how it is transmitted. It is passed through semen, vaginal fluids, and blood. HIV can also enter the body through cuts on skin and in the mouth. It can also be transmitted through;

  • Having unprotected anal/vaginal sex (75% chance) or unprotected oral sex (3-7% chance)
  • Receiving a blood transfusion from an HIV-positive person
  • Sharing needles with someone with HIV
  • Perinatal (vertical) route

Unprotected sex remains the most common way of contracting HIV, but wearing a condom during sex drastically decreases the risk. It’s possible for a nursing mother to infect their baby through their breast milk, but medication significantly reduces this risk.

How to Tell if you Have HIV

The only way to know for sure if you have HIV is to be tested. While you might experience some of the symptoms of HIV, testing remains the only way to know for sure. There are even some people who have HIV for years without realizing it because they don’t experience any symptoms. If you’re worried that your partner may have infected you then you should get tested even if you don’t have any symptoms. There are a few different tests available for HIV, including;

  • Antibody screening test
  • Antibody/antigen combination test
  • RNA test
  • Home testing kits

How to Protect Yourself

The best ways to protect yourself from catching HIV are to practice safe sex or abstinence. Obviously, abstinence isn’t something you can do in a loving relationship. Being faithful to your partner is another way to reduce the chances of catching the disease, as it reduces your exposure to it. Condoms remain the most effective way to prevent yourself from getting HIV. They are effective when used properly, so make sure to get ones that are the right size. Also make sure that you use a different condom every time you have intercourse, and put a condom on before any kind of sexual contact with your partner.

How to Help your HIV Positive Partner

There are lots of things you can do to make things easier on your partner if they have HIV, including:

Listen to Them

If someone tells you that they have HIV, make sure that you listen to them and be supportive. Having HIV isn’t a death sentence. There are lots of effective drugs out there to treat HIV. They keep your partner healthy and reduce the risk of you being infected yourself.

Get Informed

Learn more about HIV. Learn what it is, how it is transmitted, the symptoms of having HIV, and how it can be treated. Find out how to keep your partner happy and healthy and how to protect yourself and prevent infection.

Offer Encouragement

You should encourage your partner when they tell you about their HIV. This includes encouraging them to seek treatment if they haven’t already. The earlier that HIV is treated, the less risk of the infected person developing an infection. This reduces their risk of developing AIDS and helps them stay healthy in the long-term.

Make Sure they Take their Medications

Given that HIV attacks the immune system, it makes it hard for the body to properly fight infections. Make sure that your partner keeps up with their medication regimen and that they eat a balanced, healthy diet.

Get Support

There’s a lot of support out there for people with HIV and their partners. Talk to your friends and family too. Share your thoughts and concerns about your partner and their disease. Talk to your physician if you have any questions about it. Get all the support that you need to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

HIV Isn’t the End

It’s important to remember that HIV isn’t the end. It’s not the end of a relationship, and it’s not the end of a life. Many couples have stayed together for decades after an HIV diagnosis. It is possible to live and love life to the fullest when you – or your partner – has HIV.

How to Date HIV Gay Men

For gay men who have HIV and still want to date, there is hope. Around the world, HIV gay men are finding each other through the power of the internet. This is thanks to gay HIV dating sites that have arrived in recent years to address the problems which exist for those who have this condition. Now, you can find gay men who have HIV, so you are not spreading the virus, and enjoy dating once again.


The best way to find gay men who have HIV is by going to the dating sites which cater to those who have this condition. For those who thought their dating lives were over, the online dating sites that are geared toward HIV-positive gay men offers new hope for companionship and the pleasures of being with others just like you.

These dating sites are constructed much like traditional versions where you take a few minutes to register and then fill out your profile before seeing who the other members are on the site. Remember, there is a security process that goes with joining these sites to protect the privacy of those involved. Once you have joined, uploading your profile is the next priority, so that the members can get to know you as well.

With that completed, you can now view the membership and see who is right for you. The good news is that you can look through the profiles and message those that you find interesting. The same will happen to you as messages from other members arrive. You can also use the chat rooms to get to know more people on the site.


Arguably the biggest advantage of using an online site geared for gay men with HIV is that you can date with confidence again.


Because you are with others online who share your interests and condition, you can thrive in the privacy that the site offers. This means no embarrassing meetings in clubs or awkward conversations that may end a potential relationship before it begins. You are with those who share the same condition as you, which means that your privacy is protected.


The extra security that is placed on the reputable websites that cater to gay men with HIV means not only that your privacy is protected from hackers, but also that you can meet online in confidence. The security is an added plus when setting up your dates online.

Peace of Mind:

Within the security of online sites dedicated to gay men with HIV, you will have some peace of mind knowing that the awkward questions and uncomfortable situations that goes with potential relationships outside this environment are now gone.

For those are interested in meeting HIV gay men, the best place to go is online dating sites that cater this group. Today, there are gay HIV dating websites that offer the right combination of privacy, security, and a strong membership, so you do not have to worry about spreading your condition while finding the right people to date.

How to Tell Your New Partner You Have HPV

One of the most common STI’s we know today is the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). It is so common that the reports indicate that over 75% of women will be exposed to the HPV at some point as they grow into adulthood. HPV is commonly manifested as warts. These are small rash like symptoms that indicate the presence of HPV in the body. HPV can also be detected by lab tests such as Pap smear tests and blood tests. However, dating with HPV warts is possible.

Many health agencies advice people found to have HPV to disclose their status to their partners. While this is a sensitive area, some people may not feel the need to disclose that they have HPV for fear of stigmatization that may ruin the relationship. But you can tell your partner about your situation and still have your relationship. It all has to do with understanding what it is and how it manifests in our bodies.

HPV can remain dormant in the body for many years. This means when you are healthy, and your lifestyle is free from habits such as excessive drinking, smoking or using drugs, you will not experience a breakout of warts.

Talking to your partner about HPV

Before you make a move to tell your partner that you have tested positive for HPV, please be sure that you understand the kind of person they are to help them comprehend the situation. It is not information that should scare anyone, but some people can panic when they don’t know anything about HPV. Consider the following ideas to help you tell your partner that you have HPV.

Schedule a meeting with your doctor

Dating with HPV is not an issue when both people understand the condition. And no other person is more experienced to educate your partner about HPV than your doctor. Hearing the details from an experienced doctor will help them understand that they face no threat to their health and lives if both of you adhere to the instructions and health advice.

Get as many materials about HPV

You can tell your partner about HPV when you are alone with them. It helps to have enough materials that contain essential information about HPV to back up everything you are saying. If you have a computer close by, reading the content on a health website regarding HPV will also convince them that HPV dating is possible.

It is also important that your partner should get tested just to be sure they are free from HPV. Dating with HPV warts can also include intimacy between you and your partner, but you have to use protection. It is always advised to remain protected even when the HPV has been dormant for many years with no signs of warts breakout on your skin. There are also creams and drugs you can use to alleviate the discomfort of warts if you should ever experience a breakout. Treatment should be done quickly, and you must inform your partner about a breakout to enable both of you consciously take measures to prevent transmission of HPV.

Don’t be afraid to talk about HPV with your partner. You can still enjoy a normal HPV dating experience. Your goal should be to live a healthy life and to protect your partner from getting

HIV Dating Site for Black Positive Singles

There are many dating websites on the internet today. If you are looking for HIV dating sites for blacks, then you should check out The dating site caters to singles who have HIV and who are looking for partners with the same health condition.

Make no mistake about it. is a full-featured dating website that features a detailed dating profile designed especially for blacks with HIV. It also has an advanced search engine that can help you find a match in the shortest time possible.

When you go to, you will find people sharing their black HIV positive dating experiences that include their life with STD and relationship experiences. It has an active community where members post their insight on living with HIV.

The dating website also provides a platform where members can talk about what they want in a relationship and their life in general. It also has space for daily news about HIV and other STDs. It provides the right information and not fake news about black HIV positive dating. has a growing user base. New members continue to register year after year. It is one of the best HIV dating sites for blacks. When you join the website, you have a good chance of meeting someone who suits your preferences.

Pros of

The dating website allows new members to message others through instant messages or emails. You don’t need to pay in order to unlock these features, unlike other dating websites. You can also set your profile to be completely anonymous until you choose to reveal yourself to a potential match. makes sure that members are real people. They have a vetting process that can filter out fake accounts. They verify the information of the members that include age, occupation, income, education, and photos.

The best thing about is that it allows all types of relationships. As long as you are looking for a black HIV positive dating partner, it doesn’t matter whether you are straight, lesbian, or gay.

Privacy is their priority in You can easily set your photos to be viewed by all the members or only by your favorites. You can also create more than one photo album. You can choose to make a private album that is seen only by the people you picked. Through this system, you can have public photos and other images that require special access. Just make sure you have at least one public photo to attract potential dating partners.

When it comes to HIV dating sites for blacks, the best choice is It strives to provide a safe and secure dating platform for people looking for potential dates. That’s why it is no surprise that more and more singles with HIV are joining the dating website each day. Its user base continues to increase, which is a good sign of the dating site’s effectiveness in developing a nurturing platform for people with HIV.

How to Meet HIV Positive Men

Dating is a fun experience, and your medical condition should never discourage you to go out with a person you find interesting. Some people think that being HIV positive can change your outlook in dating, but this should not be the case. Nonetheless, we still advised you to tread carefully. You will need to protect yourself not just on physical aspect but also on emotional level. If you are looking for HIV positive man, we will enumerate some ways on how you can find your ideal dating partner.

Where to Meet HIV Positive Men

When you are planning to find that perfect partner, there are times that you will experience frustrations and heartbreaks. You may also find it more complex due to your medical condition. By listing some of the possible ways to meet HIV positive men, we will try to make it easier for you.

Online Dating

Over the last few years, the dating landscape has been revolutionized by the online dating world. People today are no longer just limited to date people within their social circles. The possibility of finding someone that shares similar interest with you is also high due to niche dating sites. Using the right keyword on the search engine sites will help you realized that there are dozens of website that will help you meet HIV positive men. They will also provide helpful resources and a strong community support that will help you on this journey. Some people consider this place as a social networking site rather than the traditional dating network. However, you need to remain careful when giving out information about yourself on people that you don’t personally know.

Community-Based Groups

People with HIV medical condition will have community groups where they can support each other. This is a perfect option when looking for HIV positive man. You may join the activity of the groups and get to know the members of the community. Compared to online dating, you will be able to verify the information about the members. You will also get to enjoy their company first before deciding if you want to go out on a date with him.

Offline Dating

Finally, when looking for HIV positive man, you should not limit yourself in the online realm and within the community groups. You may be able to find your ideal dating partner by joining the activities that will interest you. Go out and make yourself available. You might find your dating partner on your art class while volunteering or doing outdoor activities. Never hide inside your room and expect that somebody will find you.

Finally, you should also remain open with your options. You should not only consider looking for HIV positive man, not everyone will be opposed on the idea to have a date with an HIV positive. You are so much more than your status. Your personality is still the same, and there are people who will notice that. Do not let HIV to define you as a person.

How to Date Someone with Herpes

Dating someone with herpes might sound daunting. However, if you are determined to make things work between you and your partner, there is a way. Rather than feeling sorry and worrying all the time, you need to educate yourself. Learn what you need to do and how to do that. Herpes dating can happen and it can be very successful, too.

Herpes Dating: Survival Guide

First of all, you need to be tested for herpes too. There is a possibility that you have the virus. Most people are not aware of that. So the first thing is to eliminate the chances that you already have herpes. If you do, then there is actually no problem in dating another carrier. If not, there are precautions you should take.

Assuming you do not have herpes, you should always wear condoms during sexual intercourse. This is of course crucial, not only for the sexual transmission of herpes. There are many other STDs that you should protect yourself from.

Apart from all the practical information that has been pointed out above, you should also be supportive to your partner. Dating someone with herpes can get really emotional. Especially after coming out to you and revealing such sensitive information, your partner will need support. You should be able to offer support and understanding.

Obviously, unless you are a doctor, you will be filled with questions about herpes. So you need to read about it and ask questions. Your partner already lives with herpes and hence can be a great source of information. Feel free to ask even the slightest question that comes to mind.

If you want to avoid chances of getting herpes yourself, condoms are not enough. This does not mean that you should forget about sexual intercourse. You simply need to avoid contact when an outbreak occurs. And of course, your partner needs to be on medication. In this way, herpes will be suppressed.

Be Realistic

Dating someone with herpes might be viable, but it comes with its downsides. So you need to ask yourself if you are willing to settle for those. If you truly love your partner, then you will not have any problem deciding. On the other hand, if your relationship is not that strong, perhaps it would be better to reconsider.

It is not bad or shameful to admit that you do not want to proceed with all that. Dating with herpes requires extra attention and prevents you from enjoying sex, as much as you would in another situation. So if you feel like you cannot handle that, you had better let your partner know.

But if you want to try it out, you will see that you can do it. Everything is possible; especially when there is mutual understanding and respect, as well as pure emotion and dedication.

Top 5 Best STD Dating Sites & Apps 2019

The emergence of online STD dating sites has been a revolution for people with STDs. These dating sites give people with STDs an excellent opportunity to find a stress-free, guilt-free and no limitations to intimate physical relationships.

There are various sites for people with STDs out there. Below is an overview of the top 5 best STD dating sites.


positive singles

People living with conditions, such as Herpes, HSV, HIV and other STDs are most often than not judged by others and discriminated and victimized by their peers. Finding companionship, love and friendship can be very daunting for them. Luckily, Positive Singles gives them the ideal platform with an atmosphere that is criticism and prejudices free.

Top Features

  • Offers premium membership plan so members can enjoy enhanced features and higher chances to find the love of their life.
  • 100% Privacy and anonymity is guaranteed.


  • Easy and FREE signup.
  • Standard membership is available at no cost.
  • Finding a match is quite easy with over 1 million registered singles.


  • Standard membership offers very limited features.
  • Enhanced access to all features is restricted unless membership is upgraded.

Editor’s Review:

Positive Singles is unquestionably the number one best dating site for people living with sexually transmitted diseases. It offers the STD community an exceptional means of finding soul mates, by eliminating ones fear of rejection on account of their infection. It is a reliable place for those looking for partners with STDs.



Love is all about having a compassionate relationship with somebody who does not care only for your looks but loves you for who you really are. MPwH is a platform that gives friendship and companionship to individuals who are infected herpes. It is a dating site for similar minded personalities can find love or friendship among the other members who are affected by herpes as well as share their experiences. The platform is more about engaging your interests to find a love life after herpes. Here, you will come across many profiles for, casual dating, friendships or serious relationships.

Top Features

  • Free membership through a standard account
  • Premium Gold membership which offers full access to all features


  • Free and easy signup procedure.
  • Over 80,000 registered members making it easy to find your match.
  • Simple account verification procedure.
  • Allows uploading of a profile picture so people can identify you easily.
  • Blogs and forums to keep you updated.
  • Effortless website navigation.
  • Dedicated customer care unit.


  • A standard account offers very limited features

Editor’s Review:

As the name goes MPwH’ which stands for Meet People with Herpes,’ is the perfect place to meet people and mingle with other singles with herpes and other similar concerns.


std friends

After being infected with STDs, you are not in a position to develop any healthy, loving relationships or friendships with many people. With many STD dating sites at your disposal, you can be sure of socializing to the maximum. STD Friends is an online site where you can off your guard and meet people having the same interests as you; it lets you access a number of advantages and get along with people of your class. An exceptional dating community, STD Friends, brings together people living with HIV and AIDS, HPV and other similar STDs. You can find a vast range of members accounts with exciting profiles and lifestyles.

Top Features

  • Free Standard membership.
  • Affordable Full Membership subscription.
  • Convenient payment methods through PayPal and CCBill


  • Straightforward signup procedure.
  • Free sign up.
  • Quick filter options.
  • On-site social networking.


  • Limitations associated with free membership accounts.

Editor’s Review:

With a vast member base on STD Friends, you can be sure to win yourself a few friends who share your life with and help you live a healthy relationship life. This is a platform that has been interacting with the audience for many years. The site is somewhat similar to how you use various social networking sites. You can express your views, share photos with other members for capture their attention and receive their comments as well.


std soulmates

People with STDs do not have to lose hope on finding someone who can love them unconditionally despite their state of health. With numerous websites such as STD Soulmates that are precisely designed to be the ultimate tool for bringing together people from diverse STD driven problems, there is no excuse for living a lonely miserable life. The site is designed with the sole intention of helping people with STDs find their true companion.

Top Features

  • The site is absolutely free. You neither have to pay anything while signing up nor have you to spend any dollar while upgrading the membership.
  • You do not have to upgrade your membership to any gold, premium or platinum account, unlike other sites.


  • Easy to signup.
  • No premium subscriptions.
  • Manual verification and approval of accounts after authentication.


  • Lack of cutting-edge interaction.
  • Lack of any type of attractive display on the website that attracts attention.
  • Fake profiles and unrealistic members.

Editor’s Review:

STD Soulmates tries to become a platform that can be of some use to people who are affected with sexually transmitted diseases. Although the website and its community do not charge you with anything while joining, the navigation and the design of the website could have been a little better to catch the attention of more people. Interactive web pages could add a few colors and some more elegance to it.


H-Date is ranked among the top STD dating communities where people with Herpes, HIV, HPV or any other STD can find friendship, love, and support from millions of people around the world going through similar health condition. STDs can restrict your relationship life, with many people choosing to suffer silently by detaching and depriving themselves a healthy social life hence leading to loneliness and frustration. H-Date is an exclusively free dating site that offers a perfect solution. It gives you a chance to re-live your life afresh. The site has over 40,000 members from all over the globe.

Top Features

  • Free membership.


  • Easy to signup for FREE.
  • You can post a maximum of 5 photographs.
  • Search facilities are simple and easy to navigate.


  • people not registered at the site or who do not suffer from HIV can view and make use of information found here.

Editor’s Review:

H-Date is an ideal site for STD dating and offers excellent features with lots of opportunities for dating. You can additionally get a lot of information and enlightenment about conditions, such as HIV and Herpes.

STD Dating Tips for Singles Who Are Living with Herpes

Herpes is among the chronic sexually transmitted diseases that are caused by either Herpes Simplex Virus 1 or 2. Herpes virus causes lesions around the mouth, and genital parts and these lesions are very infective when one comes into direct contact with them. The condition caused by Herpes is normally evident and prominent in people who have compromised immunity. If people know that you have herpes, the chances of them dating you will be so low, so you need to ensure that you make it a private matter and maybe tell your doctor so that you can get quick help. Other viral diseases that can act as STDs include Hepatitis, Genital warts, and HIV/AIDS. Here are some tips to do STD dating. HPV is another dangerous virus that can be transmitted sexually, and it causes cervical cancer if not managed early enough.

Protect the Ones You Love

You wouldn’t like to see your partner undergoing through the pain and psychological suffering for having an STI infection. If you know that you have the disease, it is your duty to ensure that you use protection every time you have sex with your partner. Some of these viral diseases like Hepatitis and herpes can be spread through saliva. Make sure that you avoid kissing so that you don’t spread the viral agents to your partner. The furthest you should go when one has hepatitis is hugging and if you have to do sex them use protection. STD dating is very hard, but once you master the preventive measures, you will be able to live happily with your partner.

Always Get Treated Against the Infection

Viral STDs cannot be cured permanently. The drugs used work through blocking the replication cycle of the virus. Once the drug effect is over, the replication process retains its frequency thereby leading to high viral load in the body. The more viral strains you have, the more infective you are. Make sure that you see the doctor, get counseled and get treated so that you keep your viral load down. Always emphasize on protection so that you don’t infect others. If your partner knows that you have STDs, you can try to teach him or her regarding STD dating so that you remove the anxiety and fear.

Know Where to Go for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

It is not the will of any person to get infected with STDs, but many people always think that those who get infected are fools. Sometimes you wear a condom, and without you knowing, it bursts while doing sexual intercourse. In such a scenario, don’t let the virus invade your partner deeply. The good thing is that when Herpes attacks, it goes into latency first before going into the active phase. You can counterattack its spread during this latency stage by using the prophylaxis medication. The aim of this treatment is to keep the virus dormant so that it does not grow in large numbers that will cause disease in you. STDs like genital warts need to be removed manually so that the warts growth reduces.

To conclude, you can date while having STDs and still keep your partner safe. This is only when you follow the given advice from a doctor so that you don’t mess up anytime.