How to Meet HIV Positive Men

Dating is a fun experience, and your medical condition should never discourage you to go out with a person you find interesting. Some people think that being HIV positive can change your outlook in dating, but this should not be the case. Nonetheless, we still advised you to tread carefully. You will need to protect yourself not just on physical aspect but also on emotional level. If you are looking for HIV positive man, we will enumerate some ways on how you can find your ideal dating partner.

Where to Meet HIV Positive Men

When you are planning to find that perfect partner, there are times that you will experience frustrations and heartbreaks. You may also find it more complex due to your medical condition. By listing some of the possible ways to meet HIV positive men, we will try to make it easier for you.

Online Dating

Over the last few years, the dating landscape has been revolutionized by the online dating world. People today are no longer just limited to date people within their social circles. The possibility of finding someone that shares similar interest with you is also high due to niche dating sites. Using the right keyword on the search engine sites will help you realized that there are dozens of website that will help you meet HIV positive men. They will also provide helpful resources and a strong community support that will help you on this journey. Some people consider this place as a social networking site rather than the traditional dating network. However, you need to remain careful when giving out information about yourself on people that you don’t personally know.

Community-Based Groups

People with HIV medical condition will have community groups where they can support each other. This is a perfect option when looking for HIV positive man. You may join the activity of the groups and get to know the members of the community. Compared to online dating, you will be able to verify the information about the members. You will also get to enjoy their company first before deciding if you want to go out on a date with him.

Offline Dating

Finally, when looking for HIV positive man, you should not limit yourself in the online realm and within the community groups. You may be able to find your ideal dating partner by joining the activities that will interest you. Go out and make yourself available. You might find your dating partner on your art class while volunteering or doing outdoor activities. Never hide inside your room and expect that somebody will find you.

Finally, you should also remain open with your options. You should not only consider looking for HIV positive man, not everyone will be opposed on the idea to have a date with an HIV positive. You are so much more than your status. Your personality is still the same, and there are people who will notice that. Do not let HIV to define you as a person.

How to Date Someone with Herpes

Dating someone with herpes might sound daunting. However, if you are determined to make things work between you and your partner, there is a way. Rather than feeling sorry and worrying all the time, you need to educate yourself. Learn what you need to do and how to do that. Herpes dating can happen and it can be very successful, too.

Herpes Dating: Survival Guide

First of all, you need to be tested for herpes too. There is a possibility that you have the virus. Most people are not aware of that. So the first thing is to eliminate the chances that you already have herpes. If you do, then there is actually no problem in dating another carrier. If not, there are precautions you should take.

Assuming you do not have herpes, you should always wear condoms during sexual intercourse. This is of course crucial, not only for the sexual transmission of herpes. There are many other STDs that you should protect yourself from.

Apart from all the practical information that has been pointed out above, you should also be supportive to your partner. Dating someone with herpes can get really emotional. Especially after coming out to you and revealing such sensitive information, your partner will need support. You should be able to offer support and understanding.

Obviously, unless you are a doctor, you will be filled with questions about herpes. So you need to read about it and ask questions. Your partner already lives with herpes and hence can be a great source of information. Feel free to ask even the slightest question that comes to mind.

If you want to avoid chances of getting herpes yourself, condoms are not enough. This does not mean that you should forget about sexual intercourse. You simply need to avoid contact when an outbreak occurs. And of course, your partner needs to be on medication. In this way, herpes will be suppressed.

Be Realistic

Dating someone with herpes might be viable, but it comes with its downsides. So you need to ask yourself if you are willing to settle for those. If you truly love your partner, then you will not have any problem deciding. On the other hand, if your relationship is not that strong, perhaps it would be better to reconsider.

It is not bad or shameful to admit that you do not want to proceed with all that. Dating with herpes requires extra attention and prevents you from enjoying sex, as much as you would in another situation. So if you feel like you cannot handle that, you had better let your partner know.

But if you want to try it out, you will see that you can do it. Everything is possible; especially when there is mutual understanding and respect, as well as pure emotion and dedication.

STD Dating Tips for Singles Who Are Living with Herpes

Herpes is among the chronic sexually transmitted diseases that are caused by either Herpes Simplex Virus 1 or 2. Herpes virus causes lesions around the mouth, and genital parts and these lesions are very infective when one comes into direct contact with them. The condition caused by Herpes is normally evident and prominent in people who have compromised immunity. If people know that you have herpes, the chances of them dating you will be so low, so you need to ensure that you make it a private matter and maybe tell your doctor so that you can get quick help. Other viral diseases that can act as STDs include Hepatitis, Genital warts, and HIV/AIDS. Here are some tips to do STD dating. HPV is another dangerous virus that can be transmitted sexually, and it causes cervical cancer if not managed early enough.

Protect the Ones You Love

You wouldn’t like to see your partner undergoing through the pain and psychological suffering for having an STI infection. If you know that you have the disease, it is your duty to ensure that you use protection every time you have sex with your partner. Some of these viral diseases like Hepatitis and herpes can be spread through saliva. Make sure that you avoid kissing so that you don’t spread the viral agents to your partner. The furthest you should go when one has hepatitis is hugging and if you have to do sex them use protection. STD dating is very hard, but once you master the preventive measures, you will be able to live happily with your partner.

Always Get Treated Against the Infection

Viral STDs cannot be cured permanently. The drugs used work through blocking the replication cycle of the virus. Once the drug effect is over, the replication process retains its frequency thereby leading to high viral load in the body. The more viral strains you have, the more infective you are. Make sure that you see the doctor, get counseled and get treated so that you keep your viral load down. Always emphasize on protection so that you don’t infect others. If your partner knows that you have STDs, you can try to teach him or her regarding STD dating so that you remove the anxiety and fear.

Know Where to Go for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

It is not the will of any person to get infected with STDs, but many people always think that those who get infected are fools. Sometimes you wear a condom, and without you knowing, it bursts while doing sexual intercourse. In such a scenario, don’t let the virus invade your partner deeply. The good thing is that when Herpes attacks, it goes into latency first before going into the active phase. You can counterattack its spread during this latency stage by using the prophylaxis medication. The aim of this treatment is to keep the virus dormant so that it does not grow in large numbers that will cause disease in you. STDs like genital warts need to be removed manually so that the warts growth reduces.

To conclude, you can date while having STDs and still keep your partner safe. This is only when you follow the given advice from a doctor so that you don’t mess up anytime.

How to Take Care of Yourself When Living with HIV?

Having HIV does not necessarily mean that you no longer have to live a healthy life. By having an access to the right treatment, you will be able to have a complete and satisfying life similar with an average person. There are different things that you can do in order to take good care of yourself. In case you have concerns or worries about your wellbeing, you should ask your health care professional for additional advice about your nutrition, mental health, and exercise.

Proper HIV Treatment

The existing treatment for HIV is not meant to cure your condition; however, it has the power to control the HIV virus, and it will strengthen your immune system. During the past, the older type of HIV medications comes with adverse side effects. Fortunately, with the innovation in the field of medicine, the treatment has ultimately become better. In the event that you are experiencing a negative reaction on your medication, consult your doctor. He should be able to prescribe you another drug. After you start with your treatment, sticking with it every day is essential in order to optimize your health.

Eating Healthy

Those who are living with the HIV virus should make it a point to have a well-balanced diet. Make sure that it doesn’t contain a high amount of salt, sugar, and fat. You should be able to learn how to prepare healthy food that is ideal for your state. In case your weight is below the standard, there is a possibility that the virus has been affecting your nutrient absorption before you have been diagnosed. You should talk to your healthcare professional or a certified dietician in case you have a problem with your nutrient intake. In order to make it easier for you, we created a list of food that you should include in your daily eating regimen.

  • Food with little amount of sugar and fats.
  • Dairy products like cheese, yoghurt and milk.
  • Proteins from beans, eggs, fish and meat.
  • Starchy carb that will provide you with an adequate energy like bread, whole meal pasta, potatoes and brown rice.
  • Vegetables and fruits that will provide minerals, vitamins, and fiber.


Being active is ideal due to different reasons. It will keep your heart healthy, help you improve your metabolic rate and keep your muscles and bones healthy and strong. You can have an exercise by joining different sports or by enrolling in a local gym. You can go on a flexibility training, resistance training, cardio and aerobic exercise.

Finally, you need to stay happy to have a fulfilling life. Taking good care of yourself when you have an HIV condition is not limited to your physical health; you should also look after your emotional and mental state. Being diagnosed with an HIV virus might come as a shock, and it will take time for you to accept and cope up with your condition. Having a support group can really help you in these trying times.

Does Free HIV Dating Website Really Exist?

The dating game could be quite stressful, it requires that the person would go out of his comfort zone and reach for that unknown, foreign individual. Unfortunately, there is no other way of building a lasting relationship if you don’t take a few risks along the way. Being diagnosed with HIV could have a tremendous impact on your life, and it is an issue which is hard to talk about especially when it comes to finding your significant other. You would certainly be morally obliged to disclose that information to the other party before continuing with any sexual activity as well.

The Right Path

Fortunately, enough, there are many people in the same situation, feeling the exact same way as you, who decided to create communities of their own, where they could meet and date people who also have HIV and wouldn’t feel the stress of sharing the information as all of them have gone through a similar path. Getting the diagnose might come off as quite the shock to any individual; however, it is important to keep your head up. You might require some time to build your confidence and strength up again before going into the dating world, but it is important that you do so, as it would certainly have extremely beneficial effects.

There is no reason to feel alone and to isolate yourself, we are not living in the 1900s, and there are many people with the same health status as you, who share your thoughts and feelings but still manage to find the joy in life. That should be encouraging to you as it shows you a positive perspective on the topic

The Websites

The easiest way to find and meet such people would be through online websites. Now, let us be honest, many of them are actually paid services with free trials. The paid websites usually offer some sort of basic functionality for the free trial users in order to hook them up and make them pay on a later phase. If you don’t feel like spending money on them, though, you should aim for the HIV communities. They would require no fee and usually grant you access upon subscribing to them.

It is true that they do not offer the same functionalities like the paid sites and communication is usually done in a forum, but it is an alternative.

There are many dating services who claim to be free of charge, however usually have in app purchases for a variety of different things, which would make your experience much more enjoyable while using the product.

The HIV online dating world is most likely just the things you need, you won’t have to go through “the talk”, nor would you have to answer to questions which you often don’t feel like talking about. Meeting similar people is the way to go.

HIV Dating Sites Can Help HIV Singles Find Love

An increasing number of people all over the world are being diagnosed with HIV.Some people treat this as the end of their life, but you should not be ashamed or embarrassed about it. In case you are suffering from an incurable sexually-transmitted disease, remember that you are not the only one with this condition. There are free HIV dating sites that allow you to interact with other HIV positive people. Members of this site can help you in times of your loneliness and fear and will help you to find love.

Dating Opportunities for the HIV Singles

There are HIV Dating Sites that are dedicated in helping people that are diagnosed with HIV to find their perfect partner. You will realize that you have hundreds of options to find a dating partner by just simply using the search engine site. Some of them are offering their service for free, and some of them come with a minimum charge. You should be aware that some of these free HIV dating sites have a smaller community compared to the conventional type of dating site. However, regardless of how small the community is, you can be sure that they will look at you beyond your condition.

Avoid Rejection and Awkwardness

Finding a dating partner over the social media or a standard dating site when you are diagnosed with HIV may be overwhelming. You can probably capture their interest while talking online but once your drop the bomb and tell them that you are an HIV positive then you might experience rejection and awkwardness. By dating someone with HIV at an HIV dating site, you are well aware that both of you have the same condition. You will find people here that will put significance on your physical attributes and personality over your condition. It will help you to avoid getting heartbreak after creating that solid connection with someone.

Knowledge about the Disease

HIV singles who are looking for a dating partner have encountered people who are ignorant about the disease which is a bit annoying. A free HIV dating site comes with articles that aim to educate people, encourage sexual health and improve awareness about the HIV. This way you will not be obliged to explain your condition over and over again. Both of you are aware about the transmission and safer sex which will make it easier for the both of you to communicate about living under this condition.

Getting Advices

Since you are being surrounded with people who have the same disease, you will be able to get essential advice to those people who have experienced this before. There is a support group dedicated for HIV singles to help them understand how they can disclose their condition. They can also provide you important dating advices which will improve your chances of finding your love.

There are HIV singles who are finding it hard to consider dating since they think that they are less appealing because of their condition. Remember that there is something more about you other than your HIV.

Things You Need to Know When Dating Someone with HIV

datingThere’s a lot of reason why people just decide to be friends after the first date. Perhaps they found out that they have no common interest or probably they did not find the ‘spark’ they were looking for. Regardless of your reason for staying friends, his HIV condition should not be the reason. HIV is not a thing that you need to consider when you want to create an emotional and physical attachment to someone. Think about it, if someone shares the same passion about the things you like and he/she can match your weirdness and that you are sexually attracted to her, would you be a fool to let the HIV get in the way? However, there are things that you need to know when dating someone with HIV.

Dating Rules on HIV Dating Sites

Here are some of the things that you need to remember once you join the HIV dating app to find a dating partner.

Never be Afraid to Ask Any Question

There is a possibility that you are hesitating when asking question since you are afraid that it may affect their emotion. People suffering from an HIV condition are all aware that you have that trepidation of hesitation especially if this is the first time that you are talking or going out with them. They will really appreciate it if you will ask them about the things that you don’t understand about their condition. This means that you are showing your willingness to learn when dating someone with HIV.

Keep Those Information to Yourself

In case he told you about his HIV status, this simply means that he respects you and you have to reciprocate that level of respect. Keep his current status only to yourself. When you are talking about her with your friends, you may tell them about your experience, the reasons why he’s making you laugh and how he excites you but leave the HIV condition out of the conversation. The condition of people in the HIV dating sites is too personal, and information that is so personal should not be casually shared with others.

You Are Not the Only One Who Is Afraid

Just because he is showing that sign of willingness, doesn’t necessarily mean that he is no longer afraid. There is a possibility that your fears and concerns are also his fears and concerns. Both of you may be afraid but you should never be worried about what other people may think when joining HIV dating app. Remain focused on the things that both of you like and how the two of you can laugh while being surrounded with people who are thinking ill about you. Let them be jealous by staying happy.

Finally, when dating someone with HIV, you should never hold back. You will need to stay true to yourself. Stop thinking that there will come a time that he will break and that you will be infected. Let go of the things that worry you and create a great and lasting relationship.

Advice for Looking for HIV Positive Partner

There are so many HIV singles that are out there looking for partners who they can spend the rest their lives with. Gone are the days when HIV was dreaded, and no one wanted to associate with people who were infected. If you are looking for HIV positive partner, there are a number of tips that may help make the relationship functional. The fact that you have been diagnosed with HIV does not mean that you cannot live life to the fullest. Here are some things that you should have in mind when you venture into HIV dating:

Forget the Past

Everyone has a past, and in most cases, it is not something that you may be proud of. If you are looking for HIV positive partner, you need to let go of the past. When you start dating, talk about what the future holds. The past seems to open up unnecessary wounds. As far as HIV dating goes, you should know that the past will not help the present and the future. The best decision would be to forget the past and agree to forge ahead together.

Be Enlightened about HIV

There are so many people who live in the dark and do not have the slightest idea about HIV, As such; this hinders them from looking for HIV positive partner. You should get as much information, about HI, as possible. This will give a new perspective and will make HIV dating easier for you and your partner. It is important to find the latest updates on treatments and living with HIV. These are facts that will go a long way in making your relationship worthwhile.

Seek Professional Help

One of the ways of dealing with HIV is by seeking professional from a qualified medical officer. Plan to visit the doctor together so that you can get educated as a couple. This will enhance the bond in HIV dating. Most HIV singles have their own fears and seeking help together will alleviate these fears.
Good Communication

Just like any other relationship, good communication is essential in HIV dating. You should communicate as often as you can and discuss on all issues openly. You can create boundaries in your relationship on the details that you would want to reveal to friends and family. Do not make a decision, without sharing with your partner. Communication is a strong pillar in HIV dating. Talk about your feelings freely so as to make the most of the relationship.

If you have been contemplating HIV dating, these tips would be useful and will help you find the right partner. You should be open-minded when you are looking for HIV positive partner.

How to Choose a Suitable HIV Dating App?

The average person makes it difficult to find their perfect dating partner. But for those who have been diagnosed with the HIV condition, dating matters can be quite complicated. Even if the dating game becomes more convenient through the introduction of dating app, it is still quite challenging to find an app that is non-judgmental and non-discriminatory for those who have sexually transmitted diseases. Fortunately, there are HIV Dating sites that are exclusively dedicated in helping HIV singles to find support, friendship, and love.

Things to Remember When Choosing the Right HIV Dating App

Here are some things that you need to remember when you are looking for the ideal HIV Dating App that will help you in finding that perfect dating partner.

Read Reviews

In case you are looking for the best HIV Dating sites, you need to access the online sites that are providing unbiased review about the HIV dating app. The first thing you need is to create a short list of the things that you are looking for on your ideal dating app. Do you want a simple interface, a huge list of member, the diversity of the members, the cost and the policy? After making this list, go to the online reviews and look at their features. It is highly unlikely that you will see everything you are looking for in a single app so be ready to compromise. Separate your needs and wants to narrow your choices.

This Is More than Just a Dating App

You need to look for an HIV dating app that is intended beyond its original ‘dating’ purpose. If you analyze these HIV dating sites carefully, you will realize that most of them are offering extra features for socialization. For example, there are dating sites that allow the HIV singles to join their forum sites and blog to share their problems and interact with the different members of the society. There are also apps that provide its member the opinions of the experts and guidance from certified medical personnel. When looking for the right dating site, it may be beneficial to consider these extra features that can provide guidance on your condition.

Choosing Between Free or Gold Dating App

There is HIV dating sites that are offered for free, this means that you will be able to access its different features without the need to upgrade your account. However, most of their features are basic, they will not allow you to conduct an advance search, they have limitation in the photos that you upload and information on the profile of the member is also limited. This will make it harder to find your ideal dating partner. Other HIV Dating app offers a Gold Membership that provides you an access to their advanced features. They also have free membership which will allow you to use all their fundamental tools but if you want to grow your circle, you can upgrade your membership. This kind of sites also has privacy and high-security features.

When you are looking for the right HIV dating app, remember our pointers listed above, before you decide to join the dating site.