How to Meet HIV Friends Online

Living with a potentially fatal, life-long condition is not easy, to say the least. Once such a diagnosis has been made it can take a long time to accept it. Getting used to daily medication and having to make big lifestyle changes that will hopefully give you the best chance at the longest life possible can be traumatizing and it can seem like an insurmountable problem. The fact is, the problem is there and you have to solve it. Having the right support system is crucial at this time. Loved ones and family members can make things easier to bear but unless they have the same condition it is often difficult for them to fully understand your thoughts, emotions and fears. A community of people and friends with the same condition will comprehend your situation in a completely different way and offer a different kind of support.
HIV is one such condition. Sadly, HIV often has a stigma that comes with it and having friends with HIV is often exactly what you need to help you cope but where to find these friends? Many people turn to the internet and you can indeed meet HIV friends online.

Chat rooms

There are multiple chat rooms open to people living with HIV and some of these also function as online support groups. If you are going to join an online chat room or support group make sure it is a reputable one and that they will protect your personal information and privacy. If you have found a trustworthy group it is definitely a good idea to join. The individuals and groups in these chat rooms can provide you with emotional support you truly need as they are either going through the same emotions or they have already learned how to cope with it and can guide you on your way.

Dating sites

HIV can cause some problems when it comes to dating but this condition does not change a person’s want to make meaningful and potentially long-term romantic connections. Luckily there are dating websites that specifically cater to people with HIV/AIDS. As with the chat rooms, make sure you use a trustworthy site before you join one and give them your personal information.


If you are not comfortable with meeting people online then you can also find support in the form of blogs. There are various blogs that focus on HIV/AIDS. Some are very technical and academic in nature and focus on giving you the newest and best information on the nature of the virus, its effect and the research connected with it. Other blogs are personal stories as well as news updates. They are more personal in nature are there to inspire others by sharing their own personal struggles and victories while living with the condition. Some blogs focus on specific audiences, like women and girls, and provide a platform for them to blog about their experience within their social environment. These blogs are a great source of information, motivation, inspiration and support to those living with HIV.

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