How to Tell Your New Partner You Have HPV

One of the most common STI’s we know today is the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). It is so common that the reports indicate that over 75% of women will be exposed to the HPV at some point as they grow into adulthood. HPV is commonly manifested as warts. These are small rash like symptoms that indicate the presence of HPV in the body. HPV can also be detected by lab tests such as Pap smear tests and blood tests. However, dating with HPV warts is possible.

Many health agencies advice people found to have HPV to disclose their status to their partners. While this is a sensitive area, some people may not feel the need to disclose that they have HPV for fear of stigmatization that may ruin the relationship. But you can tell your partner about your situation and still have your relationship. It all has to do with understanding what it is and how it manifests in our bodies.

HPV can remain dormant in the body for many years. This means when you are healthy, and your lifestyle is free from habits such as excessive drinking, smoking or using drugs, you will not experience a breakout of warts.

Talking to your partner about HPV

Before you make a move to tell your partner that you have tested positive for HPV, please be sure that you understand the kind of person they are to help them comprehend the situation. It is not information that should scare anyone, but some people can panic when they don’t know anything about HPV. Consider the following ideas to help you tell your partner that you have HPV.

Schedule a meeting with your doctor

Dating with HPV is not an issue when both people understand the condition. And no other person is more experienced to educate your partner about HPV than your doctor. Hearing the details from an experienced doctor will help them understand that they face no threat to their health and lives if both of you adhere to the instructions and health advice.

Get as many materials about HPV

You can tell your partner about HPV when you are alone with them. It helps to have enough materials that contain essential information about HPV to back up everything you are saying. If you have a computer close by, reading the content on a health website regarding HPV will also convince them that HPV dating is possible.

It is also important that your partner should get tested just to be sure they are free from HPV. Dating with HPV warts can also include intimacy between you and your partner, but you have to use protection. It is always advised to remain protected even when the HPV has been dormant for many years with no signs of warts breakout on your skin. There are also creams and drugs you can use to alleviate the discomfort of warts if you should ever experience a breakout. Treatment should be done quickly, and you must inform your partner about a breakout to enable both of you consciously take measures to prevent transmission of HPV.

Don’t be afraid to talk about HPV with your partner. You can still enjoy a normal HPV dating experience. Your goal should be to live a healthy life and to protect your partner from getting

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