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Now, when it comes to HIV dating, there are quite a lot of things to be taken into account. A lot of people are having serious issues with dating someone who is carrying the condition and for a good reason – it’s highly contagious. However, if you use protection, the risks are going to be severely reduced, yet this isn’t something that would comfort a person who knows about your issues. This is why you need to place your focus somewhere else – towards HIV dating online. That’s where poz personals come into the picture – one of the best online dating websites for people with this condition.

About Poz Personals

When it comes to HIV dating online, this is the website which provides a tremendous amount of convenience and benefits. There are a lot of different features that you can take advantage of. However, one of the greatest benefits is that it’s particularly comprehensive and incredibly easy to navigate through. You can easily get to whatever section you want without spending precious minutes in mindless searching and going through an abundance of unnecessary sections.

Pros and Cons


As we mentioned above, the comprehensiveness of the website can easily be counted as one of its biggest advantages. However, you can also see that there are two types of memberships – basic ones and premium ones. The latter get special treatment such as the chance to save their favorite searches alerts for new members as well as special priority placement in the search. Furthermore, the website provides a lot of additional information on a lot of hot and interesting topics.


When it comes to the disadvantages, it goes without saying that there are some, but they are hard to be taken seriously. Now, the entire website is structured in a convenient way, there are no arguments here. However, it is also rather simplistic, missing that contemporary vibe that you are usually used to experiencing.

The truth is that this is basically the only con that we managed to find and it’s quite relative.

Why Join Poz Personals?

Well, for one thing, there are a lot of other people with issues like yours, and they are not afraid to share it with you. This is going to attribute to a normal sexual life without concerns about how you will be accepted.

Editor’s Verdict

The truth is that Poz Personals is without a doubt the number 3 HIV online dating website for a reason- it’s definitely amongst the best ones on the internet. Boasting a huge user base and a lot of comprehensive features, the website is everything that you could ask for.