Things You Need to Know When Dating Someone with HIV

datingThere’s a lot of reason why people just decide to be friends after the first date. Perhaps they found out that they have no common interest or probably they did not find the ‘spark’ they were looking for. Regardless of your reason for staying friends, his HIV condition should not be the reason. HIV is not a thing that you need to consider when you want to create an emotional and physical attachment to someone. Think about it, if someone shares the same passion about the things you like and he/she can match your weirdness and that you are sexually attracted to her, would you be a fool to let the HIV get in the way? However, there are things that you need to know when dating someone with HIV.

Dating Rules on HIV Dating Sites

Here are some of the things that you need to remember once you join the HIV dating app to find a dating partner.

Never be Afraid to Ask Any Question

There is a possibility that you are hesitating when asking question since you are afraid that it may affect their emotion. People suffering from an HIV condition are all aware that you have that trepidation of hesitation especially if this is the first time that you are talking or going out with them. They will really appreciate it if you will ask them about the things that you don’t understand about their condition. This means that you are showing your willingness to learn when dating someone with HIV.

Keep Those Information to Yourself

In case he told you about his HIV status, this simply means that he respects you and you have to reciprocate that level of respect. Keep his current status only to yourself. When you are talking about her with your friends, you may tell them about your experience, the reasons why he’s making you laugh and how he excites you but leave the HIV condition out of the conversation. The condition of people in the HIV dating sites is too personal, and information that is so personal should not be casually shared with others.

You Are Not the Only One Who Is Afraid

Just because he is showing that sign of willingness, doesn’t necessarily mean that he is no longer afraid. There is a possibility that your fears and concerns are also his fears and concerns. Both of you may be afraid but you should never be worried about what other people may think when joining HIV dating app. Remain focused on the things that both of you like and how the two of you can laugh while being surrounded with people who are thinking ill about you. Let them be jealous by staying happy.

Finally, when dating someone with HIV, you should never hold back. You will need to stay true to yourself. Stop thinking that there will come a time that he will break and that you will be infected. Let go of the things that worry you and create a great and lasting relationship.

How to Choose a Suitable HIV Dating App?

The average person makes it difficult to find their perfect dating partner. But for those who have been diagnosed with the HIV condition, dating matters can be quite complicated. Even if the dating game becomes more convenient through the introduction of dating app, it is still quite challenging to find an app that is non-judgmental and non-discriminatory for those who have sexually transmitted diseases. Fortunately, there are HIV Dating sites that are exclusively dedicated in helping HIV singles to find support, friendship, and love.

Things to Remember When Choosing the Right HIV Dating App

Here are some things that you need to remember when you are looking for the ideal HIV Dating App that will help you in finding that perfect dating partner.

Read Reviews

In case you are looking for the best HIV Dating sites, you need to access the online sites that are providing unbiased review about the HIV dating app. The first thing you need is to create a short list of the things that you are looking for on your ideal dating app. Do you want a simple interface, a huge list of member, the diversity of the members, the cost and the policy? After making this list, go to the online reviews and look at their features. It is highly unlikely that you will see everything you are looking for in a single app so be ready to compromise. Separate your needs and wants to narrow your choices.

This Is More than Just a Dating App

You need to look for an HIV dating app that is intended beyond its original ‘dating’ purpose. If you analyze these HIV dating sites carefully, you will realize that most of them are offering extra features for socialization. For example, there are dating sites that allow the HIV singles to join their forum sites and blog to share their problems and interact with the different members of the society. There are also apps that provide its member the opinions of the experts and guidance from certified medical personnel. When looking for the right dating site, it may be beneficial to consider these extra features that can provide guidance on your condition.

Choosing Between Free or Gold Dating App

There is HIV dating sites that are offered for free, this means that you will be able to access its different features without the need to upgrade your account. However, most of their features are basic, they will not allow you to conduct an advance search, they have limitation in the photos that you upload and information on the profile of the member is also limited. This will make it harder to find your ideal dating partner. Other HIV Dating app offers a Gold Membership that provides you an access to their advanced features. They also have free membership which will allow you to use all their fundamental tools but if you want to grow your circle, you can upgrade your membership. This kind of sites also has privacy and high-security features.

When you are looking for the right HIV dating app, remember our pointers listed above, before you decide to join the dating site.