Would You Date Someone With HIV?

HIV is a virus that is spread among bodily fluids, especially during sex. A lot of rumors and fear has been generated about HIV since it was discovered. People have become far more accepting of those who have HIV. At the same time, many are still unsure if they would date someone with HIV. So should you?

We don’t pick and choose who we fall in love with and if you happen to fall in love with someone who has HIV, that is just fine. HIV by itself is not a reason to break up with someone. Especially if you really like them. Yes, HIV is a virus. But that doesn’t mean it is a reason to tear both yourself and the partner apart.
At the same time, it may be a shock to learn that someone you like has HIV. It is important that you talk about your partner’s status and you do your best to learn all you can about it. If you don’t learn about HIV it can be dangerous, being informed will help you to protect yourself and your health.

The first thing that you need to do is learn to protect yourself. HIV is spread through sexual contact and wearing condoms is a must. Being careful around blood and other bodily fluids is also important.

Someone who is open and forward about their HIV is likely a partner that you can trust. They know what is important and despite the fact that they might be uncomfortable talking about their status, they do anyways. You don’t want to have someone tell you that they are HIV positive a year into the relationship or after the first time you have had sex. This can be dangerous and it also shows that they don’t trust you.

That is all assuming that you are already dating the person who has HIV. If you are looking at people to date, it comes down to how you personally feel about dating someone with HIV. Dating someone with HIV means that you constantly need to protect yourself when having sexual contact and does mean that your partner has a fair chance of potential health problems.

In many cases it is best to look at each person on a case by case basis. There are some people who receive treatment for their HIV and can live normal lives. As long as they are on the right medication the risk of spreading HIV via sex is very low, meaning that sex with a condom is far safer than most people think.

You would be surprised by how many people in today’s world are happy to date someone with HIV. HIV isn’t a death sentence and people are starting to know that. This is especially true since there is far more HIV and other STD education out there.

Before deciding for yourself, we highly recommend that you take the time to research HIV a little. That way you can make an informed decision, just like many other people around the world. You can find a large variety of reliable resources on all STDs on the internet.

Dating someone with HIV is not much different than dating someone without HIV. You just have to be more cautious and be informed. Other than that, you can have loving relationships with people who have HIV and even at times completely forget that your partner has HIV. So why shouldn’t you give them a try? You never know when you might find the love of your life and what they might have.

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